Boathouse Storage and Transport provides boat and watercraft storage, hauling and maintenance services to northern Michigan areas including Elk Rapids, Torch Lake and Antrim County

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Welcome To Boathouse Storage And Transport

Whether you own a 12-foot fishing boat or a 50-foot yacht, northern Michigan's Boathouse Storage and Transport can - and will - meet your seasonal storage and heated storage requirements. Our hydraulic trailers will accommodate boat hauling up to 50‘ power boats, 40’ sailboats, Twin & Tritoon Pontoon boats

Our storage and heated storage capabilities don't end with boats either. At any given time you'll find other vehicles and watercraft in our northern Michigan storage facility, including jet skis, classic cars, motorcycles, quads, RVs and fifth-wheels.

Please spend some time with us - then give us a call (231-264-8074) for a low-pressure, no obligation consult.

A northern Michigan boat typically stored at Boathouse Storage and Transport.



These boats are not stored properly for the harsh winter climate in Elk Rapids, Torch Lake and the rest of northern Michigan.


Why Store Your Boat?

Your boat or other watercraft was meant to endure the challenges faced when exposed to the great outdoors, but those same great outdoors can wreak havoc on your investment during northern Michigan's harsher winter months.  Even in the warmer months, exposure to the sun's rays and nature's other elements will lead to deterioration of your boat's topside, finish, and vinyl/rubber parts...including moldings and tires.  Please consider Boathouse for the indoor or outdoor storage of your boat, motor-home, RV, fifth-wheel, jet ski, motorcycle, quad or classic car.


Boathouse Services Amount To More Than Just Storage

Northern Michigan's Boathouse Storage and Transport provides a host of services which are above and beyond either storage or transport. From fiberglass restoration to top-notch mechanical care, we offer just about anything you can imagine related to the maintenance, storage and care of your boat or other watercraft. Please take a few moments to view a more complete list of the boat services provided by Boathouse Storage and Transport.


We Sell Used Boats And Both New And Used Equipment

Looking to sell that boat of yours? Ready for something new? Let us help sell your boat or other watercraft with our brokerage service. For a very reasonable fee we'll help you turn that boat into a sale...putting cash in your pocket and peace of mind on the table. Want to keep the boat but need to get rid of some extra gear? Or maybe you're in search of new parts or supplies? We also offer a huge selection of both new and used gear. Learn more about our brokerage service - including used boats and both new and used boating-related equipment.





Photo Gallery:
Check-Out Our HUGE Boat And Watercraft Facilities

Boathouse Storage and Transport has the largest boat storage facility in our market. Our storage area is more than 100,000 square feet - and we currently serve as the winter home to more than 300 boats, watercraft and other vehicles including classic cars, motorcycles, motor homes and jet skis. Please take a quick look at our boat storage facility photo gallery.

Contact Boathouse Storage And Transport

Ready to make the move? Just contact Boathouse Storage and Transport for a free estimate on storing your boat, winterizing services, shrink-wrapping, boat detailing, summer commissioning, bottom painting, or any number of other services we offer.





Boathouse Storage and Transport stores many sail boats like this one in northern Michigan.


Boathouse Storage and Transport line.


Home I About Boathouse Storage and Transport I Boat Services I Used Boats and New/Used Equipment I Boathouse Gallery I Contact Us



Boathouse Storage and Transport
13703 Campbell Road I Kewadin I Michigan I 49648 I Phone: 231-264-8074 I Fax: 231-264-8464



Boathouse Storage and Transport provides boat, ship and other watercraft services including winterizing, summer commissioning, shrink-wrapping, detailing,
pick-ups and deliveries (with or without your own trailer), bottom painting, boat brokerage, haul-ins and haul-outs, and fiberglass restoration.

Our northern Michigan service area includes Antrim County, Elk Rapids, Kewadin, Torch Lake, Eastport, Central Lake, Torch River and Bellaire.


Boathouse Storage and Transport line.

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